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Paramedic Competition 2024

The Full Story

In 1991 a group of dedicated EMS professionals held the 1st paramedic competition in Southern California at the Inland Counties Trauma Symposium. The competition will challenge current paramedics or students to test their skills and knowledge against professionals in the field of EMS.  Any EMS agency currently providing pre-hospital care or educational institution is invited to enter one team.  A total of 12 teams will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  A standby list will be maintained for agencies who wish to have more than one team.  These agencies will fill slots still open after May 1st based on the position on the standby list.  Teams will consist of two individuals and may be comprised of personnel from multiple agencies/training programs combined into 1 team. 


Teams will be expected to be present promptly at 10 am on Monday, May 20th, 2024, at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort.  Check-in will be at the Conference Registration booth.  Teams will be sequestered, given an orientation, briefed on rules/scoring, and allowed to inspect medical equipment.  The doors will be locked at 10 am and any team member not in the sequestering room by this time will not be allowed to compete. Teams will be randomly drawn from this room to participate in “hands-on” scenarios and are expected to answer pre-hospital-related questions.


$200 per team ($225 after 3/1). Entry fee includes two 3-day CFED conference registration ($900 value), and breakfast and lunch Tuesday-Thursday.



Preliminary Competition - Monday, May 20, 2024 
Final Competition - Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Competition Results & Awards - TBD


All equipment required for the paramedic competition will be provided by CFED and available for review during the orientation.  Any questions regarding use or operation will be answered prior to teams competing.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) is not provided by CFED and must be brought to competition by individual team members.

All teams and participants will be expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Teams are required to provide for their own safety and those around them.

  2. No drug cards, charts, calculators, or “cheat sheets” will be allowed except for those provided by the judges.

  3. No cell phones, PDA’s, pager, radios, or computers will be allowed once in the sequestering room or during competition.  These items should be secure prior to entering the room or while competing.  There will be no storage facility, and CFED will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

  4. No drugs, alcohol, or weapons will be permitted in the sequestering room or during competition.

  5. For the purpose of the CFED paramedic competition, PPE should be a minimum of gloves and eye protection.  PPE should be worn at all times during the scenario.  Respiratory protection IS NOT required and not recommended since it will interfere with communication and may affect the judge’s ability to score teams.

  6. Sharps must be disposed of appropriately and done so in a manner that does not expose a team member, the public, or the judges to danger.

  7. Teams are encouraged to clearly state and/or request when additional resources would be required (law enforcement, air ambulance, rescue teams, etc)

  8. During patient assessment, examination elements will only be scored when verbalized to the judges (“what do I feel when I palpate the leg?”)

Every effort will be made to simulate injuries and illness.  Certain clinical signs may be difficult to simulate but the goal is to have every team experience the same circumstances.  Patients and/or victims may be live so procedures must be performed on manikins.  Scoring will be based on actions taken and verbalization of individual steps in the exam process.  Judges may ask questions at any time during or after the scenario.  One judge will be clearly identified as the “Non-Scoring Judge”. Questions and answers will come from the Non-Scoring Judge individual.  

Bring home the ultimate bragging rights, and a cool trophy.

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